The history of MBB, a heritage of metal and innovation

Since 1943, Metallic Bridges of Belgium (MBB) has been shaping the future of the structural steel industry with passion and innovation. Our story is one of boundless ambition, born in Ocquier and radiating around the world.

80+ years

(1943 - 2017)
From family forge to international recognition

In the bucolic setting ofOcquier, Ateliers Roger Poncin laid the foundations of our heritage, an epic that began in the shadow of a 9th-century medieval church. At the end of the Second World War, our focus on steel construction symbolized a new era of reconstruction andinnovation.

Every bridge and every structure we’ve built reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and customer care, values handed down through three generations.

Over the decades, our reputation for excellence has opened doors to prestigious projects, solidifying our position as a leader in the field.

From the 1970s onwards, exports became an integral part of our identity, putting the Belgian metal seal on regions such as the Middle East andAfrica, testifying to an ambition without borders.

(2017 - present)
A new chapter in innovation

Integration into the Matière® group in 2017 opened up new horizons for MBB.

This strategic alliance has enabled us to strengthen our leading position in the manufacture of metal assemblies, while launching the Unibridge® line to support our global ambitions.

Our growth is reflected in the completion of ambitious projects, with an annual average of 15 projects, proving our ability to meet the most complex challenges with expertise and know-how.


Your vision, our mission

Are you planning to construct a building or rehabilitate an engineering structure? The MBB team is at your disposal to provide its expertise in civil engineering and structural steelwork.

We are committed to turning your visions into reality, working with you from conception to completion. Contact us to find the optimum, sustainable technical solution for your civilengineering project.

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