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Our products are built to last, but that’s not our only objective.
We also want them to blend in perfectly with their surroundings, with a touch of modernity.

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80+ years

A rich history
Let's look back at the origins of MBB

Every company has a history, and MBB ‘s began in 1943 with Roger Poncin. Under the name Ateliers Roger PONCIN, this modern-day blacksmith started out in the metal framework business. The familybusiness thus created would endure for over 70 years under the management of 3 successive generations.

New ambitions, same determination

In 2017, the French company Matière® acquired Ateliers Roger PONCIN and gave it a new impetus under the name Metallic Bridges of Belgium. This is not the only new thing about Matière®.

To continue to carry out more and more projects around the world, our team of passionate professionals can now integrate an innovative modular construction process, the Unibridge® concept, into its product range.

Our activities
Services for our customers

Convoi exceptionnel


From design to manufacture and installation, our metal structures are designed to support all types of vehicles.

Special works

In addition to bridges, we can also build unusual structures for a variety of uses and installations.

Passerelle piétonne Tahiti


We don’t limit ourselves to our borders. We are active all over the world, exporting our work and skills abroad.

Why us?
Why work with us?

At MBB, professionalism and rigor are fundamental values. We have therefore placed great emphasis on the acquisition of certifications.

For companies

Certifications and approvals enabling us to work on a wide range of projects.

For employees

Recognition of the value of the quality work
of our teams on a daily basis.

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