Steel engineering structures: excellence by MBB

Since 1943, Metal Bridges of Belgium(MBB) has excelled in the creation of metal engineering structures. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we design, manufacture and install durable steel structures for a wide range of projects in Belgium, the Benelux countries, France and abroad.

and checking plans

Once we have received the initial plans, we carry out a rigorous check of the measurements and structural information.

Our specialist engineers optimize the design of structures to ensure precision and compliance with standards. Every detail is reviewed to ensure a solid foundation before manufacturing.

Whether for road, motorway, railway or pedestrian structures, our method guarantees robust, reliable results.

We ensure that each project benefits from optimal dimensioning and exceptional durability, responding to environmental and structural stresses.


XII A13 freeway bridge

Manufacturing and installation
steel structures

We are equipped to manufacture impressive metal assemblies, up to 170 tons per indivisible piece. The quality of our materials ensures durable infrastructure structures.

Once manufacturing is complete, our specialized teams take care of installation, guaranteeing safe and efficient execution.

We build various types of bridge, including cable-stayed, caisson and suspension bridges.

Each structure is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, thus ensuring the durability of the works.

Our expertise also extends to complex structures such as viaducts, crane runway girders and industrial buildings.

Contact us for your civil engineering projects

Are you planning to construct a building or rehabilitate an engineering structure? The MBB team is at your disposal to provide its expertise in metal engineering structures.

Our team of experts is with you from design to installation, guaranteeing results that meet your expectations. Let’s work together to create exceptional public works projects.

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