Export of engineering and special projects by MBB

Since 1943, Metallic Bridges of Belgium (MBB) has embodied excellence in the manufacture of engineering structures and special steel structures, exporting its know-how far beyond Belgium’s borders.

International know-how
in steel construction

At MBB, we take pride in deploying our expertise internationally, adapting our unique skills to civil engineering and specialized projects acrossEurope,Africa andAsia.

Our international portfolio illustrates our ability to design, manufacture and install steel structures adapted to a variety of environments and customer needs.

From PRS girder bridges to caisson bridges, cable-stayed bridges and bowstring bridges, every project benefits from our focus on excellence, durability and aesthetics.

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Expertise and adaptability
in export projects

Our adaptability and responsiveness enable us to manage export projects with remarkable precision and efficiency, including river and maritime structures, port and offshore infrastructures.

The expertise of MBB extends to the construction of movable bridges and gangways, lock gates, floating docks and Unibridge ® modular bridges .

ensuring complete project management from manufacturing to installation.

With us, every project is a promise of flawless technical precision and perfect adaptation to the logistical and environmental challenges unique to each region.

Launch your international project with MBB

MBB is your ideal partner for engineering structures and steelwork. With our recognized expertise, our focus on quality and innovation, we’re ready to bring our know-how to your next international project.

Contact us to discuss your needs and start a collaboration that transcends borders.

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