Steel structures

Central T. G. V. Seraing Belgium

Power station

The electricity comes in many ways ... Poncin SA suits: from nuclear to wind, coal to gas turbines, steam, Poncin can meet all demands. Central T. G. V. Seraing Belgium.

Sugar refinery

Sugar refinery

Poncin participates actively in the development of sugar industry. His experience in this field makes a reliable partner.

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The courier company TNT has made its European hub at Liège Airport. Its growth calls constantly supplied personnel. A new car park of nearly 750 seats was built to accommodate vehicles.

Luxembourg airport


Luxembourg airport has developed a new terminal. In collaboration with a Luxembourg company, it is 1150 tons of steel that have contributed to the achievement of this building.

Sport and Entertainment

Sport and Entertainment

Poncin made extentions football stadiums Standard de Liege and Charleroi stadium.

Awning Belgian STIB

Awning Belgian STIB

Roof curve with wave effects. Realization of + - 530 TB.


Various Steel structures

Here's a sampling of accomplishments in semi-classical structures.

Holcim Cement Belgium

Holcim Cement Belgium

Type: Building tertiary crushing.
Dimensions (m): 21 x 18 x 30
Weight: 202 TB

Unclassified metallic parts


You will find examples of metallic parts.

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