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Bridge Sanaga in Cameroon

Construction of a bridge called 'childhood' in Sanaga (Cameroon).

240m long bridge built in eight spans of 30m.


Modular bridge to the continent Africa

Type: Modular Bridge

Dimensions (m): Length: 490m

Weight: 760T

Location: TOGO

Cement Kiren (Senegal)

Cement factory

Cement Kiren (Senegal). Over a period of three years, the SA Poncin has provided more than 3,000 tons of steel for building structures made of metal for Kiren cement plant located in the suburbs of Dakar.

Mungo Bridge (Cameroon)

Mungo Bridge (Cameroon)

Mungo Bridge (Cameroon). Following a road accident, the old bridge over the Mungo River collapsed into the river bed, paralyzing traffic between the capital Douala and Limbe? Sub-contractor for a Belgian company of international renown, Poncin was given to the manufacture and assembly of steel structure.

Length: 120 M
Weight: 280 TB
Year built: 2006

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Trampled by millions of Muslim pilgrims, pedestrian bridges linking the Mecca safely different centers of devolution and the Islamic world. Poncin, not all religious tribulations, realizes real works of art metallic.

Nyemba Bridge (D.R. Congo)

Nyemba Bridge (D.R. Congo)

Bridge Nyemba (D. R. Congo). In the context of economic support by the Belgian government in the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC-CTB) awarded the rehabilitation of the railway bridge over the river to Nyemba Company Momentary Belgo- Congolese including Poncin assumes management. The bridge allowed the isolation of a region lying west of Lake Tanganyika enabling new freedom of movement for people and goods.



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